Rosita del Prete

Rosita Del Prete got her Master’s degree in Molecular Biology in 2015 at the University of Naples Federico II under the supervision of Professor Maria Vittoria Cubellis. During her thesis, in collaboration with CNR in Pozzuoli, she was focused on exploring the use of pharmacological chaperones for the treatment of Anderson-Fabry disease, a lysosomal storage disease. In 2017 she obtained the II level Master degree in Drug Design and Synthesis at the University of Siena. During her internship, under the supervision of Professor Jean-Denis Docquier and in collaboration with the Lead Discovery Siena, she tested a series of synthetic compounds for their antibacterial and cytotoxic properties. In 2021 she was awarded a PhD in Molecular Life Sciences at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli under the supervision of Professor Flavia Cerrato and Professor Andrea Riccio. During her thesis, she was involved in the generation and characterization of transgenic mouse lines that model epigenetic defects of Beckwith-Wiedemann and Silver-Russell syndromes, gaining experience in working with mouse models as well as with unique biological samples derived by patients. Starting from fall 2021, she started working at the Tumour Immunology unit at the Toscana Life Sciences. In a project funded by AIRC, she deals with the study of tumor suppression mechanisms in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

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