The Fondazione VITA – ITS (Technical High School) “New Technologies for Life” was created to educate highly specialized professional figures in the field of life sciences. ITS Vita, which has among its founding members the Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, is responsible for highly specialized technological courses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, in collaboration with the Region of Tuscany, MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), companies, universities and research centers. It offers young people with a high school diploma, two-year courses (4 semesters for a total of 1,800/2,000 hours) based on the needs and requirements of companies. From 2015 to date, 16 ITS courses have been funded and TLS has set up 1 IFTS (Higher Technical Education and Training) educational path and 2 courses for the Strategic Call for the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. As many as 141 students graduated, of whom 79% found a job and 10% decided to pursue their studies at university. The Fondazione Vita is the leader of the new Professional Technical Hub (PTP – Polo Tecnico Professionale) for new life technologies established by the Region of Tuscany and is accredited as an Educational Agency that has obtained the ISO 9001/2015 Quality Certification. Thanks to its collaboration with the University of Siena and the Fondazione TLS, ITS Vita has set up the V.I.T.A. (Virtual Interaction for Training and Analysis) Lab, a Virtual and Augmented Reality lab dedicated to the exploration and application of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in the Life Sciences sector. This project focuses on strengthening and requalifying, through the use of these technologies, the training and educational offer and connected activities, whether within universities or related to the highly specialized ITS educational paths.

Website: www.itsvita.it

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The Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences invests in the growth of competencies through the organization of highly specialized educational paths.