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For years the TLS foundation has been supporting startups and companies or research groups in the realization of their ideas or proposing itself as a partner for specific projects and collaborations with more structured companies, foundations or research groups already operating in the field of life sciences.

Stakeholders can apply for incubation within TLS or opt for affiliation, which guarantees managerial and scientific assistance and access to technological instruments and facilities while maintaining their own headquarters outside the bioincubator.

We are addressing:

⦁ Individuals or groups who want to create a new company (startup)
⦁ Public and private organizations wishing to create a spinoff
⦁ Companies that have been established for less than three years and want to be incubated
⦁ Foundations, non-profit research groups and companies operating in the sector

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Do you have an idea to develop?

If you have an innovative idea for the future of life sciences and want to turn it into a business, in TLS you can find a “home” for your company, a dynamic environment where to cultivate the ideas of the future, and a whole series of services for business development, research, support for participation in calls for proposals and protection of intellectual property.

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Do you want to grow your project?

If you are a foundation, a non-profit research group, a company operating in the sector or simply looking for a partner for the development of a project, in TLS you can find workspace, instruments and the competencies to grow it, protecting the ensuing intellectual property, or support for participation in calls for proposals and for the process of technology transfer.

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Looking for a valuable partnership?

Are you looking for a partner? TLS, as an aggregator and system facilitator, believes in the power of sharing and cross-contamination and can offer an active network of collaborations and partnerships at national and international level that will help to enhance your business.

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Looking for know-how for your research activities?

If you are seeking cutting-edge technological platforms and specialized personnel for your research project activities, in TLS you can find different types of equipment and services in the fields of analytical research, molecular biology, cyto-histology, data analysis and models for in vivo testing.

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The TLS Bioincubator

The activity of the Fondazione TLS involves attracting and growing innovative startups and industrial projects, offering support and instruments to important public and private research projects

TLS Stories

In innovation, time is a determining factor: you have to be the first to arrive and make this innovation usable and transferable first.

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