ALISEI (Advanced Life Science in Italy)

ALISEI (Advanced Life Science in Italy) is the National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences, which aims to promote interaction between the research system, the entrepreneurial and productive fabric and public institutions in the healthcare sector, a strategic research and innovation nexus for Italy. ALISEI plays the role of facilitator and accelerator in the complex process of knowledge and technology transfer from the multidisciplinary research sector to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. It is a means for guiding and sharing Italian and European best practices that interfaces with representatives of regional, national and international policy makers. Within the cluster, TLS acts for the Tuscan Life Sciences District and the Region of Tuscany in the Steering Committee, representing the excellence of public and private research in Tuscany, and of the entire system of companies, research and technology transfer, to better seize the opportunities for development and internationalization. Since October 2020, Andrea Paolini, General Manager of TLS, holds the position of Vice-President of the ALISEI cluster.


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Regional Cluster

The Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is the operational entity that coordinates and manages the activities of the Tuscan Life Sciences Cluster.


In its role as facilitator of an innovation ecosystem, the TLS Foundation becomes more and more an aggregator and system facilitator within the life sciences field, both locally and internationally.


TLS works to foster dialogue and partnerships between public and private entities. It has created and continues to implement collaboration networks in the field of life sciences with the aim of offering incubated companies access to contacts and opportunities.