Owing to the competencies and experience of its technical and scientific staff, the Fondazione TLS supports researchers and companies in the development of analytical methods and in carrying out experiments both in vitro and in vivo. To this end, TLS provides know-how, technological platforms and analytical instruments for research activities in the biological and molecular fields.

Over time, it has been possible to increasingly structure the research services offered thanks to the implementation of new technological platforms.

The main services and technological platforms comprise:

  • PROTEOMICS AND METABOLOMICS AND MOLECULAR PROFILING (Q-Exactive HF-X high-resolution mass spectrometer, combined with nanoflow UPLC): experimentation of custom protocols for matrices of various origins
  • ANALYSIS OF SAMPLES DERIVED FROM BOTANICALS AND/OR NUTRACEUTICALS (Q-exactive Plus mass spectrometer with DAD detector);
  • Testing of custom “in vitro” protocols for toxicity, efficacy and absorption of botanical and / or nutraceutical products
  • Opera Phenix HIGH CONTENT SCREENING System. Hi-level technology for high-throughput analysis for phenotype screening and analysis on complex models of pathologies, “live” experiments on cells, primary cultures, 3D cell cultures and micro-tissues.
  • ANIMAL FACILITY (In vivo preclinical testing and in vivo micro-imaging services. The animal care and animal experiment services are complemented by a custom production service for monoclonal antibodies based on the technology for isolation of single antigen-specific B cells, amplification and cloning of the selected Igs)
  • BIOINFORMATICS: implementation of bioinformatic analysis approaches for the development of customized pipelines that provide for the processing of proteomic and metabolomic data deriving from Mass Spectrometry and allow the identification, differential and functional analysis of proteins and / or metabolites from samples of different origin
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – (Novaseq 6000, a new-generation system for gene sequencing)

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Bioincubator Services

The Fondazione TLS provides the workspace, technological facilities and services required to set up a company operating in the life sciences sector.