Quality Policy

Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is a provider of laboratory research services, specifically of molecular profiling (small molecules, peptides and proteins), development of analytical methods and in-vitro testing. To meet customers’ expectations and ensure the continuity of its business, Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences:

  • enters into partnership agreements with client companies in the industry;
  • enters into partnership agreements with the main international suppliers;
  • increases its competitiveness through Lean Management initiatives, enhances managerial and organisational skills of its key figures.

Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences has set up the following goals on process management for quality:

  • ZERO non-compliances due to the non-respect of work procedures and regulatory aspects;
  • improved service planning aimed at higher productivity and reduced rework costs.

Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences carries out activities with minimal environmental impact, and although it has not adopted an environmental management system to date, it is still committed to environmental protection and pollution prevention. In addition to focusing on the importance of compliance with authorization limits, Toscana Life Sciences has the following objectives:

  • special waste management.

In the variety of activities carried out by Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, several aspects may affect the health and safety of workers. The Senior Management is committed to the following requirements concerning the protection of workers’ health and safety, which it communicates to all levels:

  • ZERO injuries: nothing we do can justify harming our health;
  • MORE reports of near misses, dangerous situations and anomalies that, correctly handled, do not result in harmful consequences for people: each occupational injury or illness must be prevented, and each of us is responsible for our own health and safety.

The abovementioned objectives are monitored periodically with performance indicators directly or indirectly related to them. The focus on achieving goals does not disregard compliance with mandatory requirements. The Senior Management promotes the integration of its management system principles at all levels in the firm belief that, besides giving results in terms of continuous improvement, such integration contributes to the professional and cultural enhancement of human resources. The Senior Management is committed to the involvement of workers and other stakeholders in achieving the goals expressed in this statement.

The MSU unit obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification on 7 March 2024, n. Q/1765/24 and the quality management system is applied to the following activities: ricerca, sviluppo, progettazione ed esecuzione di servizi (prove analitiche) basate su spettrometria di massa e test in vitro e relative elaborazioni di dati bioinformatici.