TLS Research

From basic research to industrial applications, project development is one of the missions of the Foundation. Today, TLS has taken on an increasingly important role in experimental design and in conducting applied research activities thanks to proprietary technological platforms and ever more specialized scientific skills. Research projects are, indeed, one of the main instruments that make TLS a natural aggregator of competencies, capable of developing synergies and relationships. For years, the Foundation has been pursuing a continuous strengthening of its in-house research, possible thanks to the significant expansion of its technological platforms, the increase in the quality and quantity of research services provided for important industrial partners, and the growth in the number of scientific publications and research projects hosted, supported by European or national funding.


TLS is involved in an increasing number of research projects aimed at responding to major health challenges such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics or orphan diseases, as well as at investigating the mechanisms of progression and regression of leukemia and blood cancers or the effectiveness of the application of vaccines to immuno-oncology.


In recent years, the increasing commitment of TLS to in-house research has produced a significant growth of the scientific contribution of the foundation’s researchers, with publications in major international scientific journals such as The Lancet, Current Opinion in Immunology, Frontiers in Oncology, Free Radical Biology & Medicine, Genome Medicine, Clinical Cancer Research, Computers in Biology and Medicine, etc.

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