One of the main missions of the Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is to invest in education and the acquisition of highly specialized skills in the life sciences sector. A commitment to the growth of know-how and innovative projects expressed through the support to the activities carried out by the Fondazione VITA (of which TLS is a founding member) that promotes two-year post-diploma courses leading to high-tech specialization in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors. The Fondazione TLS also organizes, in collaboration with universities, specific high-level educational activities, such as master programs and courses, aimed at providing transversal knowledge and multidisciplinary applications in the biotechnology sector. To attract talent and nurture the younger generation, TLS funds research doctorates, offering students a significant opportunity of fieldwork experience connected to their area of specialization at university, including working abroad, through a network of scientific collaborations of the highest level.


Bringing young people closer to the world of research, science, innovation and entrepreneurial culture. With this objective, TLS has set up numerous initiatives to communicate science to high school and university students and promote entrepreneurship, both through its own projects (TLS Open Doors; Scientists for a Day) and in collaboration with other public and private partners.


The Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences invests in the growth of competencies through the organization of highly specialized educational paths. In collaboration with the main universities of the area.


The Fondazione VITA – ITS (Technical High School) “New Technologies for Life” was created to educate highly specialized professional figures in the field of life sciences. ITS Vita.

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