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The Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences is the operational entity that coordinates and manages the activities of the Tuscan Life Sciences Cluster, the regional district that brings together all public and private entities operating in the sectors of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and ICT applied to life sciences. The Cluster was created in 2011 under the impulsion of the Region of Tuscany to contribute to the growth of regional competitiveness through integrated research and development activities centered on innovative projects, and systemizes the companies and the network of excellences present in the field of research and technology transfer. An innovation ecosystem that brings together more than 32 Research Centers and 14 Research Institutions, including Tuscan universities (Florence, Pisa, Siena); higher education schools (Sant’Anna and Normale Schools of Advanced Studies in Pisa and the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca); and the Institutes of the National Research Council. More than 200 companies working in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, ICT for health, nutraceuticals, and related services are affiliated to the regional Cluster, with an overall turnover exceeding 6 billion euros.


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ALISEI (Advanced Life Science in Italy) is the National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences, which aims to promote interaction between the research system, the entrepreneurial and productive fabric and public institutions in the healthcare sector, a strategic research and innovation nexus for Italy.

CSA Projects

In its role as facilitator of an innovation ecosystem, the TLS Foundation is increasingly positioning itself as a system aggregator and facilitator in the life sciences, both at the territorial level and on international projects.


TLS works to foster dialogue and partnerships between public and private entities. It has created and continues to implement collaboration networks in the field of life sciences with the aim of offering incubated companies access to contacts and opportunities.