Ida Paciello

Ida earned her Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology in 2006 and Master Degree in Medical Biotechnologies in 2009 at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy).
Subsequently, she expanded and strengthened her scientific background by earning a PhD degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology (2014). Her Ph.D. thesis was carried out in the laboratory led by Prof. Maria Lina Bernardini at “Sapienza” University in Rome (Italy) and in Dr. Mathias Chamaillard’s group at the Institut Pasteur in Lille (France). After obtaining her Ph.D., Ida continued to work as a Post-Doctoral fellow in Prof. Maria Lina Bernardini’s laboratory.
During her Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral periods, Ida gained deep experience on Shigella flexneri and Pseudomonas aeruginosa host-pathogen interaction during infection by using in vitro and in vivo techniques.
In 2015, Ida moved to Siena where she started to work in GSK Vaccines as Associate Scientist. Thanks to this experience, Ida fortified her knowledge in immunology by testing the effect of new vaccine candidates. Through this period, she gained extensive experience on human primary cell isolation and culture, Single Cell Sorting and Flow Cytometry Assays to analyse the B cell and T cell response after vaccination.
Ida is currently a Post-Doctoral researcher in the group led by Dr. Rino Rappuoli at Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences in Siena. Here, thanks to her experience in microbiology, translational research and in vaccinology, she works on the identification of human monoclonal antibodies against antimicrobial-resistant pathogens for therapeutic and vaccine development.

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