Preparations based on medicinal plants or “botanicals” represent an important segment of the Italian and European health market. Their long tradition of use represents a guarantee of safety and efficacy. However, monitoring of the products on the market has highlighted many critical issues due both to the intrinsic complexity of the plant extracts and the current lack of recognized analytical protocols. The quality control of botanicals requires in-depth knowledge of each phytocomplex and the definition of standards to ensure the authenticity of the product and its ingredients.

To embrace this challenge, Toscana Life Sciences has created a research and quality control structure capable of providing quali-quantitative protocols of widely consumed vegetable matrices in order to define their phytochemical profile, as well as both their consolidated and traditional use.
For this reason, together with Materia Medica Processing, it has created the joint Botanicals Lab, which offers this type of services by combining skills and know-how and by sharing technologies.

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In particular, in consideration of the recent update of the European legislation regarding hydroxyanthracene-based products, it will be possible to request the specific service simply by filling the form.

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