Anna Kabanova

Anna Kabanova obtained her Diploma degree in Biology at the Novosibirsk State University, Russia, situated at the renown scientific campus Akademgorodok (“academic town”) close to Novosibirsk, in Western Siberia. Subsequently, Anna got a PhD in Biology at the University of Bologna working on vaccines against human immunodeficiency virus and streptococcus at the Research Center of Novartis Vaccines in Siena, Italy. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia’s laboratory at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona, Switzerland, where she focused on dissecting several hot areas of biomedical research on human cytomegalovirus, including human immune response to the virus, preclinical vaccine development and the discovery of virus receptors.

Through these experiences she has matured a decision to dedicate herself to the study of human immunology and translational research. In 2013 she joined the lab of the EMBO member Prof. Cosima Baldari at the University of Siena as an AIRC fellow (Italian Association for Cancer Research) to conduct studies on the mechanisms underlying immune evasion and tumour suppression in B cell leukemia. Her research received support of AIRC grant programs dedicated to young independent scientists, “Transforming Ideas in Oncological Research” (TRIDEO) and “My First AIRC grant”. My First AIRC project will be developed at the Tumor Immunology Unit.

The Tumour Immunology Unit will also contribute to the ERC vAMRes project, hosted at TLS and aimed to isolate potent human antibodies and create vaccines against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Dr. Kabanova will share her expertise in B cell biology, molecular biology, imaging and vaccinology to boost the project progress.

Honors and Awards
2019 Young EHA committee member, European Hematology Association.
2018 Prize of the Foundation “Carlo Chianello” (University of Palermo, Italy) for research in clinical and experimental oncology

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